After seven years teaching face-to-face courses to more than 130 Dentist and Doctors students from all over Brazil and abroad (Bolivia, Chile, Spain and Portugal), the Halitus Halitosis Course started to be taught in the online format since 2018.

This allowed students to take the Course at their own pace, at their home or clinic and without having to pay for tickets and accommodation, in addition to having to attend to their patients.

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in assisting people with halitosis
treatments performed

In the Halitosis Halitus Online Course, our clinical and scientific experiences of more than 25 years in assisting people with halitosis and 15,000 treatments performed, including the Protocol for the Treatment of the Psychological Consequences of Halitosis, changes that generate insecurity, loss of spontaneity, low self-esteem and even social isolation in patients. This was even the subject of my research and master’s thesis in Psychology by Dr. Maurício Conceição, minister of the Halitosis Halitus Course.

The courses will take place regularly, for professionals in the areas of dentistry, medicine, psychology or psychoanalysis, both for beginners and for those who already have experience in the treatment of halitosis, or even for students graduating in these areas.

The online course in Portuguese follows the content of the book “Bom Hálito e Segurança! Essential Goals in Halitosis Treatment” the most complete work ever published on halitosis treatment. The book in Portuguese was published in 2013 ( and in 2014 it was released in Spanish ( the Course the content of the book is covered in detail, with the presentation of clinical cases and the step by step of the treatments. In addition, when joining the Course, students receive a handout with complementary content, files with models of clinical files, the most frequently used prescriptions and teaching materials to be used with patients in treatments.

In mid-2021 the Halitosis Halitus Online Course and the Halitosis Book will have new versions in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

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