We are the Halitus Group

Created to offer solutions related to halitosis treatment in 4 segments:


With clinics of the professionals who took the Halitosis Halitus Course and who us e the Halitus Treatment Protocol, which includes Halitus products and techniques for the treatment of bad breath1-4 and also the diagnosis and treatment of the Psychological Consequences of Halitosis.5-6

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Marketed through the company Halitus – Comércio de Produtos de Higiene Personal Ltda ME, with e-commerce in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

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Online Courses

To qualify Dentists, Medics and mental health professionals (psychologists, psychoanalysts and psychiatrists) to treat patients with halitosis, as well as those who have developed severe psychological consequences, resulting from the complaint of having bad breath.

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In 2013 the book “Bom hálito e Segurança! Metas Essenciais no Tratamento da Halitose” was published in Portuguese. And in 2021, this book will be updated and published with versions in Spanish and also in English.

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Dr. Maurício Conceição is a Dentist and has been working on halitosis in his clinics in São Paulo and Campinas (Brazil) since 1995 and started developing a line of specific products for the prevention and control of bad breath in 2004.1-4

In 2009, Dr. Maurício started teaching the Halitosis Halitus Course, with 14 classes in person until 2017 and since then with the Halitus Course online. In 2013 he wrote the book Bom Hálito e Segurança: Metas Essenciais no Tratamento da Halitose4 , in Portuguese, the most complete work ever published on the treatment of halitosis, also published in Spanish in 2014.5

From 2014 to 2016, Dr. Maurício Conceição validated during his master’s degree in Psychology, the psychometric properties of his questionnaire called Inventory of the Consequences of Halitosis, designed to assess the aversive consequences that those who complain about having bad breath develop. In 2018, the first part of this research was published, relating the Psychological Consequences of Halitosis with Social Anxiety Disorder.6

Innovation and Technology

Halitus products were developed with Propeq, a junior company from Unicamp’s Faculty of Chemical Engineering, one of the 2 best universities in Brazil and among the 500 best universities in the world, in a 9-month project, and also with Cenpra, an institution of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Brazil, with key technologies to develop products, prototypes and processes.1-4

The experience with the products was based on the results of clinical tests carried out with more than 2,000 patients, during 04 years, which resulted in the publication of their own techniques and research published in national and international medical and dental scientific journals and presented at congresses in Brazil and abroad.8-11

Our greatest commitment is always to quality, continuous research and development, so that we can offer satisfaction, innovation and technology added to our products and services.

At Clínica Halitus we develop techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of the Psychological Consequences of Halitosis6,7 in addition to having the most modern portable breath meters (OralChroma and Halimeter), so that the patient can see in numbers how his breath is and follow the evolution of his case, helping him to regain his security, spontaneity and a good self-esteem.

And the Halitosis Halitus Course, in which we have already trained more than 200 dentists and Medics from Brazil and from different countries. Since 2018 the Halitosis Halitus Course is online and in Portuguese and in mid-2021 it will be completely reformulated and available also in English and Spanish. That way, professionals from all over the world will be able to take the distance course in one of these 3 languages, at their own pace, in the comfort of their home or clinic and without having to pay for air tickets or accommodation.

The Halitosis Halitus Course will be accompanied by a very rich didactic material: the new updated book that Dr. Maurício will publish, also in the 3 languages, with a clinical focus and strong scientific basis, as well as a complete and specific anamnesis form, a file containing the most frequently used prescriptions and material didactic to be used with the patient. Therefore, the professional who takes the course will be able to safely treat patients with halitosis and / or who have severe Psychological Consequences of Halitosis.


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